My Latest Plastic Canvas Adventure: Minecraft

20 Feb 2012


I'm proud to unveil my second incredibly nerdy plastic canvas project.

For those of you saying, "Ah, she made a little square man with blocks," let me clarify. This thing is based on a video game called Minecraft. It's a really interesting little low-resolution-graphics game that has a huge following. It's pretty simple; you build literally anything you can imagine with cube-shaped blocks of various materials. You can also dig into the ground to create caverns and tunnels and things. (Oh, and sometimes zombies come and destroy your stuff and kill you at night.)


Image from The Independent Games Wiki

Minecraft utterly charms me because it's so simple-looking, but it's utterly addictive. Watch these kids build a model of the Taj Mahal in the game. Watch this other kid build a pirate ship.

It seemed to me that PC was particularly perfect as a medium for a Minecraft set because: a) the two things are equally blocky in nature; b) It would be a great exercise in translating video-game graphics to needlepoint patterns; and c) the whole idea made me giggle uncontrollably.


So I spent a lot of time in the Minecraft game on my phone, walking around and around the various blocks until I had the right angles and snapping pictures. When you're in-game, you only see the "Minecraft guy" that represents you from the back, so I also did a lot of Google Image searching for a front-view.


I'm particularly proud of a tiny detail you can't see: I was worried my guy would be too top-heavy, so I dropped fishing weights down his mono-leg. Now he's nicely balanced and hard to tip over!


Here's a scale shot. The blocks each measure 2" x 2". The guy measures about 4" tall. The whole set used 47 pieces of canvas. And what can only be described as a buttload of floss colors.


…Oh. And his arms are articulated, so he can drop and give you 20. Which is something he can't do in the game.

Next up, Tiki Gods.



Oh my gosh! My son would LOVE these! He's only slightly obsessed with it. I'm going to have to dig out my stash of PC and try to make some of these. Thanks for the idea!

I'd be in on a tutorial or ebook too. My daughter just saw them and she went crazy over them.

Aw, you two are so nice! Honestly, at the moment I don't have any plans to make patterns from these PC things - I really need a creative outlet at the moment that's purely for me. Sorry! But if either of you want to email me (craftypod at deepideas dot com), I'd be more than happy to share how I approached the project.

Wow. That's so cool! I like the photo with the blocks in your hand, didn't realize how big the cubes were.

Love these! My students are very into Minecraft - would love to make these for my classroom (which really looks like a big dorm room).

The geek inside me looooves this, Diane! ^-^ I love the fact that you made plastic canvas out of a game. Awesome! (Makes me want to check out this game... if I had a cell phone! :p One day, one day!)

Are you starting a shelf for your PC creatures? :) Great details on the blocks!

Oh these are awesome! Loved the recent robots as well. Thank you for sharing. I have loved making things with PC for quite a while and am so glad to see it resurfacing! :)

OMG Diane! OMG!

Amazing! Awesome! I can not wait til the end of the week when i will be able to touch this little guy and see your genius first hand!

I love your recent pc creations - totally. And I think what I love most is that they are not made for the blog or for tutorials or for sale - they are simply the happy outcome of "Diane at play".

And boy do I have an idea for you! It should keep you busy for the rest of the year and into next! heeheehee

I'm with Elizabeth- a shelf to display all of these wonderful creations is a must! Wow- I don't know what Minecraft is, but these are cool! Great work!

This is fascinating (the game, but especially your needlework take on it). I've always loved your needlework posts & this one takes it to a new level. Love how your different colours look like pixelation!

Thanks, Mel! I probably took about three years off the life of my eyes in the process, but it was worth it. :-)

My friend Jeremiah is OBSESSED with this game. I sent him this link immediately.

These are so grate! And yes I too have a kid that love this game. A tutorial or e-book would be appreciate! As I would like my kid to make them,this way he can learn some craft too.


I absolutely love your recent PC projects. It s great to do things just for your own creative soul.

omg thx for the great idea i luv these i also play minecraft all the time and i am sooooooo gonna make these.
they are just adorable

Awesome! Please, please, please make a tutorial or ebook and count me in on buying it! My kids are Minecraft fanatics and would love these! I can't wait to see the Tiki Gods that you are working on. For all of us who love plastic canvas, we need to make it popular again. Keep the cool ideas and patterns coming!

The Minecraft guy's name is Steve. Not only am I obsessed with Minecraft, but so is my entire family. Since I also plastic canvas, my very first project getting back into plastic canvasing was a Creeper tissue box cover. (A creeper is a bad guy who blows things up.) I am totally working on a Steve for my next project! Thank you for the inspiration!

Creeper tissue box cover?! AWESOME!

I would love to b able to make these for my kids also. You did an awesome job, 3 of my 5 kids play this game all the time so I see it a lot and steve looks great u did a wonderful job creating him. I would love to get a pattern if u decide to make one or if u would ever decide to make them and sell them I would probably buy 4 sets. these are great.....congrats on being so creative.

I love these and so does my son! Is it possible to get the pattern?

HI, Amanda - Sorry, I don't have a license to use these graphics, so I can't produce a pattern to sell. If you'd like to email me at craftypod AT deepideas DOT com, I'll be glad to share the broad brushstrokes of how I made these.

My son is totally in love with this game. I neve thought of doing plastic canvas out of it. Thank you soooooo much for the great idea. He will love it.

Hello Diane,
I would love to make the Minecraft boxes for my grandson. Could you please send me the patterns you used or any information that would be helpful.

Thank you

My husband and son are crazy about Minecraft. I need to make these! Do you have a pattern? I would love to make these!

me and my husband love that game and want to make them to put in kid room. love this game and your pattern hopw you will share thank u