People Who Are Freaking Geniuses: Carina Envoldsen-Harris

04 Apr 2012

All images here are by Carina Envoldsen Harris, used with permission. Please don't pin them from here - you should read her image use FAQ first.

Heh! Holy crap, it looks like on Monday, I wrote and posted a whole blog post in my head, but not in reality. That's how we roll sometimes in the Land of Deadlines.

Anyway. Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a freaking genius, and you should really check out her blog, Carina's Craftblog, for a big, tasty dose of eye candy.


The primary thing (no pun intended) that I always think of when I think of Carina is color. She's really, really good at it. And her blog photos are usually drenched in bright, clear tones.

This is one of those blogs that gives you a glimpse into a beautiful world - not the kind of perfection that makes you feel inferior, mind you, just light and freshness and beauty. When the chaos of my surroundings gets annoying, Carina's blog is one of the places I go to refresh my eyes.


Carina does very high-quality tutorials regularly, and I love how varied they are – sometimes they're crochet projects, sometimes embroidery techniques, and sometimes it's a how-to on creating a fabric repeat digitally, or how to sew buttonholes with a sewing machine. Up above there is an image from her faux bois shoebox tutorial.

The photography and writing quality are always top-notch.

carinabroderi01 carinaflowersfabric

I also love following Carina's blog for her adventures in design. She's creative and not afraid to try new media. She publishes embroidery patterns and ebooks and magazines, and designs fabrics. (And rumor has it, she's writing a book these days!)

I love watching a creative person take risks and bring new projects to life. It's always inspiring, and fires me up to think about what other adventures I might get myself into.


…And I value this blog for Carina's thoughtful posts on the nature of being a creative person. She talks about things like time budgeting, and how she manages her introverted nature in a healthy way, and what imperfection means to her.

Carina has a lyrical, clear way of expressing herself that always makes her posts a worthwhile read.

Pop on over and meet Carina, and if you like what you see, leave her a little comment, won't you?



Freakin genius - absolutely she is! A brilliant genius with tons and tons of talent all over the place!

I have no idea how in the world Carina keeps up with all she does but we are all the better for it!

&Stiches is fantastic and I can not wait until the next issue is offered. I can't even imagine how wonderful her book will be. Just wish publishing didn't take so loooooooong. I want it NOW!

Love Carina's FAQ page! Everything I want to say, but haven't. Great site. Makes me want to get back into embroidery. I actually have an unfinished Baltimore Album quilt in my closet that needs a few more squares.

It's on my reading list, for sure!

She's not only a genius; she's one of the nicest people I've ever met on the internet.

Have you seen Susan Cain's book ("QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking") on introverts? It so validated who I am, but also showed me that it doesn't have to limit me. Fantastic!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Diane. Not sure they're entirely deserved.. Genius surely describes you better than me. :-)

xo, Carina