Gorgeous Postcards from All Over

09 Apr 2012


Happy New Week, y'all! I thought I'd share all the wonderful postcards I received in the DIY Postcard Swap today, and share the new-to-me blogs I discovered in the process.

Honestly, I'm in the middle of a (seemingly endless) creative fallow time right now. (Or, more accurately, all my creative energies are going into writing, leaving almost nothing for crafting.) So this year in particular, these postcards represented a big infusion of colorful visual fresh air. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Up above there is beautiful mixed-media piece by Elin Folkesson. I love all the layers!


This one, by Corrine Gilman, is edged in washi tape, and I adore the layers of black type over colors.


Jan Goerlitz blew me away with this lino print on a piece of cereal box cardboard. What a cool idea, blending the box graphics with the print! (Jan, do you have a website? I would love to link to you!!)


I found this girl by Lisa Hofmann very charming, but when I read this post on her blog about making that image, it was even more so.


Ursula shared with me that her father says this place she's drawn resembles Dubrovnik, a famous Croatian town on the Adriatic Sea. Aren't all those red and orange roofs dreamy?


I was excited to be partnered with Fanie, who I've known online for years. (Wow, it really has been years now, hasn't it, Fanie?) This adorable mummy comes from a comic book idea she had, for a "Monster's school" where little monsters go to learn.


I love Melanie's use of tasty color here. And, if you follow that link, you can see the postcards she received in the swap.

She also shared this quote on the back:

"Do everything with so much love in your heard that you would never want to do it any other way." - Yogi Desai


…Speaking of inspirational quotes, I do believe Anne has it nailed. I showed this one to Pushkin, and he said "That lady knows what she is talking about. May I have some treats?"


This last one is by Denice Barlow Brown. I couldn't resist showing the envelope it came in, which is made from an old book page. And as if the front weren't lovely enough…


…Look at the back! Now I want to go back and remake all my postcards with better backs. I absolutely loved reading her little slice-of-life story about what was going on when she was writing.

Whew! That was refreshing, wasn't it? I'm so grateful to Hanna for organizing this thing every year. Now, let's all go have a nice, creative week, shall we?



WOW i love this stuff! I want to do this too! OK I am officially starting a box of scraps for postcards! WOOO HOOO!

I like bits and pieces of all of them! the stitches to the butterfly, tape "binding", printing on printing, lots of black lines plus watercolor, collage.... :)

Hi, Olga! Nice to meet you! Sadly, I already had plans for the April Blogger Meetup day, but I plan to join one in future - hopefully before your bump becomes a little one! :-)

Well hello there miss crafty!
your heading is adorable btw. I love meeting new people in the blogging world and espesically when they are from Portland!
Nice to meet you I'm Olga and I found your name on the Portland Bloggers List. Will you be attending our next meet up this Saturday?
I do hope you can make it! Would love to meet you in person. Just look for the girl with the bump, you wont miss it. that will be me.
Happy Blogging!