Podcast: Creative Reuse and Crafting, with Michele Pacey

20 Apr 2012

Denim Tree Pencil Case Michele Made Me

All images in this post are by Michele Pacey, and used with permission.

Since it's nearly Earth Day, Michele Pacey and I are talking about creative reuse. Michele does most of her crafting with materials from her recycle bin, and she comes up with all kinds of beautiful and useful projects. Her blog, Michele Made Me, is full of inspiration.

Creative reuse involves a lot of experimentation, trial and error, and flat-out play. Michele has some interesting things to say about how she approaches crafting with recycled materials. And, I made her tell me what's in her stash right now – um, wow! There's a lot of creative potential there.

I hope this show will inspire you to dig into your recycle bin and make some cool things this weekend.


Egg Carton Folk Ornaments Michele Made Me

Some Creative Reuse Links:

• Go play around in Michele's blog, Michele Made Me. Click on her tutorial section in particular. You're welcome!

• You can learn to make some of Michele's amazing projects in her tutorial shop, including those adorable egg carton ornaments above.

• …Now, let's link to the projects Michele mentioned during the interview, starting with this origami blow-up balloon.

• Michele's series of projects made from an old towel has added an oven mitt since I recorded this show!

• Here, you can see Michele's junk mail crafts, including the Kusudama. (If you've never made a kusudama before, here's how.

• …And here's that video tutorial, which shows you how to make plant pots from newspaper.


great interview!! thanks so much. I love her attitude!

Michele is amazing. Fantastic interview!

Yayyy! Wonderful interview, both of you crafty artists!

I use a Scrapstore here in Uk, we have several in major cities and they are very useful sources of clean industrial waste for all manner of crafting.
Ive made WW1 Trench models, viking long boats and all manner of other things for educational topic boxes we use for our visually impaired kids.
Michelle is very clever and inspirational to follow. She has great ideas.

I loved this podcast!! Great interview!!!