People who are Freaking Geniuses: Beautiful 60-something Style Bloggers

07 May 2012

I was lucky enough to be on Twitter a couple weekends back when Garth tweeted a link to this beautiful piece on CNN's Living blog, about women in their 60's and beyond who enjoy being stylish in a very creative, self-defined way.

What's especially cool about these ladies? Some of them maintain fashion blogs! I couldn't add them to my RSS reader fast enough.

So, my vote for "Freaking Geniuses" of the month goes to:

Valerie and Jean of Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

These two ladies go to fabulous events, dressed fabulously, and then take lots of photos of what everyone's wearing. Their commentary is fun, with not a trace of the snobbery that often turns me off with fashion press in general. This bit from their About Me statement is worthy of a tattoo: "We embrace our gray hair, while sharing the playground nicely with our younger siblings. Bette Davis was right when she said 'growing old is not for sissies', but it’s also not one of Dante’s circles of hell."

Judith Boyd of Style Crone

Judith's blog isn't just about style, but also a chronicle of the role fashion her played in her journey though her husband's battle with cancer. I'm so deeply inspired by her determined affirmations of life a year after his death, and by the way her style helps her express the emotional landscape she's traversing.

All of the beautiful ladies in Advanced Style

This blog is actually the work of 30 year-old photojournalist Ari Seth Cohen. In it, he documents gracious and gorgeous people over 50 – people who are taking care of themselves and enjoying their place in the world. It's delightful and inspiring, and the women are so, so beautiful.

Some favorites: 100 year-old Ruth doing Pilates and 60-something ladies answering questions on how they feel about aging and style.
Fading flower of autograph tree

Image by Joel Abroad, via Flickr

I'm 45 now, and I'll tell you… this seems to be the age where tiny, subtly dismaying changes start showing up in your face and body. It's not anything to get insane over, but it's something that starts blipping in the back of your mind, like a tiny signal from your future. Especially in the grossly youth-obsessed culture we inhabit, it's all too easy to get convinced that your prime is passing.

I love how these blogs make me think, "Oh, to hell with that!"



Catching up on posts! This video warmed my heart...oh how wonderful these ladies are. It dismays me to see celebrities that I grew up with looking completely alien as they indulge in one plastic surgery after another. What is wrong with aging with grace?

I will admit, as a dancer, I have long experienced severe body/self-esteem issues (I've touched on this at G+N). I constantly mourned the past version of myself. "At this age I weighed this much...and at this age I weighed this much..." and on and on. It has taken me 29 years, but I'm finally loving and embracing the phase I am in NOW. And WOW - doing that is like having a pile of bricks lifted off of your shoulders! If I am lucky enough to live a long life, I aspire to be like these women. I love these ladies, because they are gorgeous and confident and that translates at any age.

I'm going to check these sites out Diane. I always tell my husband that my grey hairs and wrinkles are like trophies. I have earned and worked my butt off for each and every one of them so why should I hide them? Oh, I suppose my feelings may change in time... I'm still pretty young (a year your junior) and those changes you mention are really just beginning. So who knows... But for now anyway, I wear them proudly and hope to continue doing so as I move inevitably through time.

I love that sentiment, Michele! I'm going to resist the grey hair for a while yet, but the wrinkles, I totally agree with you on. :-)


Thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look right away. The thing that gives away the game is when you see your mother in your bathroom mirror. No one has seen my natural hair color since 1971, but time is still leaving its mark on me. As long as my knees hold up I can deal with the rest.

...Oddly, I keep seeing my father in the mirror. Agree with you, though - as long as I can both walk and make stuff, then the rest of it is pretty manageable.

The only thing I miss about not being younger than 45 is not needing bifocals. Even then only because getting the bifocals in the right spot can be a pain, not simply because I need them. Now I know why all those old people stood on one side of the grocery aisle and looked at the other side! Now I am one of those old people :) !

I've seen Advanced Style, but not the others - thanks for the links!

Thank you Sister Diane, for mentioning The Style Crone on your beautiful blog.

My goodness, I am having a big fangirl moment! Thank you so much for stopping by, Judith!

Oh my gosh! Goes to show you that 60 is the new 50! Stylin women for sure. Totally get ya about the changes, it is slow but also fast. One day you wake up and your like "what???" where did that come from LOL Thanks for the inspiration post Diane, those woman are inspiring.

Love the pictures. I was reading one of your articles and I needed to come to the home page. Just letting you know that I appreciate your articles and craft.