Video: Frustration is an Essential Part of Creativity, by Flash Rosenberg & Jonah Lehrer

11 May 2012

Wowee, I loved this video – and I hope it gives you a good send-off into your weekend, too.

Given my ongoing dry spell, I'm compelled by this idea that the frustration of not-knowing is an important part of the cycle of creating. (Jonah Leher's book, which this video illustrates, is already on my wish list.)

Plus, I'm a big fan of Flash Rosenberg's "live drawing" animation style. (Many thanks to Theresa Robinson for sharing this on Google+!)

Enjoy, my friends! Happy Weekend!



I was paying so much attention to the cool drawing that I didn't catch what he was talking about! I'll try again.

I just got the book, and it's fascinating. Very worth reading for anyone in a creative slump!

I love this video! It's true that when people talk about creativity, they begin with the happy ending and leave out negative parts of the process.

It reminds me of all the business books, marketing books, and so-called motivational speakers whose message is "I did it, and you can do it too". However, when documenting the steps they took that led them to their success, they leave out one large element, luck, without which their process cannot be replicated.

It's either luck or it's persistent cultivation of opportunity until they find the important ones. But either way, I agree with you - this step rarely gets the analysis or exposure it deserves. It's hard stuff to codify, and probably more individualized than even bears codification in most cases.

Ah! I, too, am rocking a creative dry spell, and this was wonderful to see. Thanks for posting! (I'm probably going to check out that book too - pretty sure I heard Lehrer on NPR, maybe Fresh Air?)