Podcast: Getting Started with Wholesale, with Jodie Rackley

18 May 2012

All images in this post are by Jodie Rackley, and used with permission.

We've got a craft-businessy subject today: we're talking about getting started with wholesale. It's very wise, if you have a craft business, to think about ways you can diversify your sources of income, and doing wholesale is a great option.

I'm talking with Jodie Rackley in this show. She's an Etsy seller who quickly branched out into wholesale, and now her products can be found in shops all over the country. What I like about Jodie's story is that it's really accessible - as you'll see, she didn't need any special equipment to get started with wholesale. She used simple, readily-available tools to get herself in front of stores, and she did it without having to pound the pavement and work up her courage to approach local shop owners. And it's made a very positive difference in her business.


Links for You:

• Here's Jodie's Etsy shop, Lova Revolutionary - and you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

• Jodie also keeps a pretty blog.

• Here's her forthcoming book, Happy Stitch.

• …And here's a list of all her current wholesale accounts.



I am thinking of using Jodie's idea of listing wholesale on her Etsy store starting with my fall line. I had wondered how I could do that, but she is a great example.

Jodie...your items are super cute. I will be back to shop for some upcoming birthdays, etcc.

I really loved this. I've been thinking about wholesale a lot lately because as a mama also, I don't want to give up every weekend to fairs/shows. Plus the steadier income Jodie speaks of.

Thanks for the great interview Jodie! I listened today while ironing and plan to listen to it again.

I really loved this episode! I just started doing wholesale last month myself, and it was really helpful to hear about it from the perspective of a more seasoned seller. I find it really interesting that she developed her product line around wholesale from the onset - with my knits, I really had never even thought about wholesale when I started, but when I started my yarn line, I immediately developed pricing based on making a profit while selling wholesale.

That's awesome, Ana! I think that when you're selling wholesale, it gets especially crucial to price for profit - since you'll be making things in bigger quantities. An unprofitable price can rear up and bite you pretty quickly! :-)

Great podcast! Jodie is so forthcoming and straightforward about the subject of wholesale. Everyone even considering wholesale as a possible part of their crafty business should hear this podcast!

Thank you Jodie!

Thanks so much Elizabeth! So glad that it was helpful to you!