Podcast: Craft Bloggers and Marketing Boundaries Part 2, with Jessika Hepburn

15 Jun 2012

All images in this post are by Jessika Hepburn, and used with permission.

Here's our second show about craft bloggers and the marketers who target them. This time, we're talking with an influential blogger – Jessika Hepburn, who edits Oh, My! Handmade Goodness. Jessika gets a lot of marketing pitches, from large companies and indie business owners alike. But she's developed a very smart and proactive approach to dealing with them.

Jessika has written very clear and detailed pages for her website, explaining to potential marketers exactly what kinds of pitches are and are not welcome. She offers a lot of different ways for potential marketers to participate with the site, and she's very clear about what she expects in exchange.

I think this is a direction most craft bloggers will want to go in sooner or later. If we want to be marketed to with more creativity and personal attention, and we want fair compensation for giving companies exposure on our blogs, then we have to stand up and demand it. I think you'll learn a lot from Jessika's story.

Here, Lemme Pitch You some Links:

• Join the community over on Oh, My! Handmade Goodness, or take part in one of the Thursday Twitter chats.

• You can also connect with Jessika on Twitter or Facebook.

• Here's the Guide to Businessy Goodness Jessika mentioned in the interview.

• Jessika also mentioned Miss Modish's Tip Top Pitch Kit.

• These last three links were referenced in the last show, but are relevant here – first, the Why Can't We Fix Marketing in the Crafty Blogosphere post here on CraftyPod.

• …And here's a guest post I did for Jessika, on How Much Marketing Should Craft Bloggers Do for Craft Companies?.

• We're also discussing this on Google+, if you'd like to join in. What are your marketing boundaries for your blog?



Great podcast discussion. It's refreshing to hear Jessika's point of view on so many topics. I'm very impressed by how fast everything has happened with Oh, My! Handmade Goodness... 2 years is fast!

2 years is lightning-fast! I'm very impressed with how Jessika has built such a thriving community so quickly. And if you watch her in one of the weekly Twitter chats, you'll see that she's deeply engaged in this community. Very inspiring.

Thank you so much, Alicia! I hope we can all find it useful as we both give and receive marketing. :-)

Great podcast, Diane. I love the Craftypod and this series about bloggers and marketing is especially interesting for me.