Image-Only Interview: Stacey Sharman

10 Sep 2012

Stacey Sharman-001This week, Stacey Sharman shares her Image-Only answers to my questions. As always, be sure to mouse over each image, and you'll get a little more insight into why Stacey chose it. Enjoy!

What are you thinking about most in your creative life these days?

My new toy, a 1999 Gammill Classic sewing machine.
All images in this post are by Stacey Sharman, and used with permission.

What's the most organized disorganized part of your craft stash right now?

My secret shame, the cupboard under the stairs that holds my fabric stash.

What colors do you return to again and again in your work?

I didn't think I had a favorite color, but then I realized how happy I am to see green.  It doesn't get any better than green grass and green trees.

What's the very best thing about a handmade quilt?

The history and love that is soaked into every little scrap of fabric.

What is your favorite miniature thing?

I love this mini quilt by Victoria Gertenbach.

What shapes show up over and over in your work?

I love making circles and pinwheels.  Fitting, huh?

If you had one creative wish for everyone, what would it be?

Find something you love to do and have fun!

And any creative advice to others who are inspired but don't know where to start?

There's nothing better than taking a class.  You get to learn something new and meet new friends!


These are the best!

Thank you so much for doing this with me, Stacey! I love the images you chose!

Stacey is one of the quiet strengths in the quilting world - I adore her work, passion, talent and person!

Brilliant! And I know where that last one was taken!

I'm really enjoying these image only interview posts. A great idea :)

Another wonderful interview! I'm just about done taking the pictures for min next month, I'll be emailing you shortly Diane :-)

I love the question "What's your favorite miniature thing?" because, come on, little things are adorable and who doesn't love them?! I'm enjoying these interviews as well!

I agree! I've never seen an image only interview, I think the reason this was successful is you actually told a story, also the images were relevant to the question. Kudos, great job.

Thanks Diane! These were so fun to do, and a bit of a challenge as well. I agree with Jeanette, the image only interviews are a great idea!

another fan of the image-only interviews here! there's so much in them that gets creative thinking going.