Image-Only Interview: Lucinda Campbell

17 Sep 2012

This week, we're enjoying images from Lucinda Campbell. As always, if you mouse over each image, you'll see a little bonus information pop up. Enjoy!

What are you thinking about most in your creative life these days?

 Sewing all of the patterns in my sewing queue

All images in this post are by Lucinda Campbell, used with permission.

What medium do you find yourself creating in the most? 

 Knit jersey - it's so easy to fit 

How do you feel when you're wearing something you've made?

 Fierce and confident! 

What colors do you return to again and again in your work?

Black and white

What's the most favorite thing you've made so far this year?

 Vogue 8723 - it fits perfectly and I didn't have to change a thing

What's one crafting skill you're proud to have?

 Knitting - 17 years and counting 

If you had one creative wish for everyone, what would it be?

To have a dedicated workspace for your craft

And any creative advice to others who are inspired but don't know where to start?

 Let your materials speak to you and tell you what they want to be 


Oh I love the blue and green flowered dress that you made! And looking at all your beautiful fabrics put a big smile on my face!

awesome! nice to meet you! love the picture of how you feel when you wear something you've made! ;)

Thank you, Alicia! That was my Halloween costume from last year - I went as a "foxy lady" and knit those little ears I'm wearing.

That dress is my most favorite dress I've made so far, I love it! I feel super fancy wearing it and twirling around. I've got a lot of work to do to get those fabrics made into garments!