Podcast: Crochet Saved My Life, with Kathryn Vercillo

05 Oct 2012

All images in this post from Kathryn Vercillo, used with permission.

Whatever craft you love most, chances are that you consider it to be a pretty big part of your happiness. Is it also part of your overall health? I don't think too many of us would argue that making things is pretty important to our well-being. Well, for my guest today, craft was a path back from a severe depression.

first-dress-I-crochetedKathryn Vercillo suffered from undiagnosed depression for a large part of her life. And when this illness reached a crisis point, she sought treatment and began searching for things to re-awaken her enjoyment in life. Almost on a whim, she tried crochet. And it just clicked. The feel of the yarn, the calming level of focus, the soothing, repetitive motions – she found great comfort in it all.

Recently, she undertook to write a book, not only about her experiences with crochet as a healing tool, but collecting stories from other crocheters who've used the craft to cope with illness, anxiety, and pain. Crochet Saved My Life is a very compelling read, and a testament to how important making things can be for mental health.

1. How crochet saves lives


• Enjoy Kathryn's blog (and safe space), Crochet Concupiscence.

• Here's the book, Crochet Saved My Life.

• …And you can also connect with Kathryn on Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry.



I really enjoyed this podcast. I have had a similar experience with crochet. and not I really try to get out the message that creativity does save lives. great job with spreading the good info.

Thank you so much, Adrienne!

When I read about this book I thought an interview with Kathryn would be a perfect fit for you show. It was! Thanks for great interview + stories.

This so struck a chord with me... and loved hearing Kathryn's story. Crafting and mindfullness meditation saved my life too! In dealing with a chronic illness creativity has helped with healing in so many ways. Creating with beads, fiber, paint gave me something else to focus on besides the ups & downs of something that challenges my days so profoundly. I can be knitting, and still in the space of my body within the health context and dwell more peacefully. I'm learning to crochet right now! :o)

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Tracy! I'm so glad this show resonated with you!

I would like to thank Kathryn for sharing her experience and Diane for putting the podcast together. More people should know about craft soothing and healing power. Being treated for depression at the moment, I find great comfort in all types of crafts and keep saying to the medical team taking care of me that all depressed people should take up knitting, crochet, sewing or whatever craft work for them.

Oh, I so agree, Raphaele! And I'm glad you can turn to craft for healing right now. Sending you my best wishes for your road back. Thank you so much for sharing your comment here.