Coming This Week: The Take Better Tutorial Photos Blog Hop!

05 Nov 2012


Psst: I just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm teaming up with a group of smart ladies for a week of photo tutorials!

tutorial-photo-blog-hop-240Our blog hop hopes to address one of my biggest challenges at CRAFT (and one that Haley continues to have), and one that's showing up again as I curate on Sulia: there are so many great projects on the web, but sadly, when they have not-so-great photography, I can't share them more widely.

It's amazing how essential good photography has become to growing an online audience. People simply click, Like, share, and pin good-quality images more readily.

So, Haley kicked things off today with an awesome how-to: Retouching Spots & Stains In Your Craft Photos with iPhoto & Photoshop. My contribution is coming tomorrow, and you'll also be hearing from Megan of Radmegan, Stacey of FreshStitches, and Michele from Michele Made Me. You can see all our contributors appear below as they post. Enjoy!



Was there ever a more intriguing comment?! You always have some interesting new venture cooking, don't you? :-)

What a wonderful idea for a blog hop! And it comes at a particularly good time for me (she said cryptically).