I Heart Craft Books: Step It Up Knits, by Vickie Howell

07 Nov 2012

Vickie Howell's newest book, Step It Up Knits: Take Your Skills to the Next Level with 25 Quick and Stylish Projects, is designed for knitters who want to learn new techniques, but lead lives where time is at a premium. (Is there anyone who doesn't lead that kind of life anymore?)

9781452106632In this interview, we talked about how she designed a project collection that would teach intermediate-level knitting in a quick and attainable way. And we talked about how Vickie creates time for her own creative growth, given all the business projects she's always involved in.

Mom, if you're reading this, I'll soon be loaning you this book so you can make me the Cadet About It cap. You know, in your spare time. :-)

Disclosures, as always: I received a review copy of this book, and the title link above is an affiliate link. All opinions, as they say, are my own.


Thank you so much, Elise! I'm so glad the video helped you decide about the book. Vickie has an excellent concept here, I think. Happy Knitting!

Looks like you gals had a fun time with this interview, which in turn makes the viewer have fun watching it! Great interview! While I'm not a knitter myself, I think this book would be a great Christmas gift for my knitting friends. Thank you so much for introducing us to so many different types of craft books that we might otherwise not pick up!

Oh wow! I didn't think I needed another knitting book, but Vicki you've proven me wrong! I am *exactly* this knitter. I work full time and am a part time student. But I think it also goes beyond just time and into budget and space. What I mean is- if you have a small budget or a small apartment where you can't always have a huge sweater or blanket hanging around (or the yarn to make it) smaller projects are great for that too! I love this concept of smaller stimulating projects. Diane, as always your reviews are GREAT. I'll try not drag on here, but- as a knitter I can decide if I like a books projects by looking at them, you know? When you offer something more in-depth and meaty like this it really picques my interest in the book, it's concept, and the authors process. Those things are what makes me want to add a pattern book to my collection. Thanks again, ladies!!

Nice interview. I agree - that Cadet About It Cap is really cute!