Podcast: Taking Creativity on a Cross-Country Tour, with Jess Greene

16 Nov 2012

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All images in this post from Jess Greene, used with permission.

Earlier this year, I ran across an Indiegogo campaign for a very ambitious project: Jess Greene wanted to drive across the U.S., hosting fifty free creativity events along the way. I love a grand undertaking like that, so I chipped in right away. Jess embarked on her Jumpstart Creativity Tour in July and August, and shared stories and pictures along the way on her blog. It was such an interesting story, I had to have her on the show to talk about the experience.

Jess-283Jess is something of a crusader for creativity. She runs Seek Your Course, which is a database of online art and craft courses and also a creativity resource for adults. Jess believes that creative play is as important to wellness as exercise or eating well (and I couldn't agree more). In this tour, she was able to create safe spaces for creating to happen, and she managed to be in the right place at the right time for a lot of people who needed a dose of making.

This is a very inspiring story. I hope you enjoy it!

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