A Christmas Tutorial, A Little Update

21 Dec 2012

Mod Metal Dot Ornament for Whimseybox

Happy Purported End-of-World Day, everyone! I wanted to pop in and share a link to this tutorial I did for Whimseybox. I used one of my favorite craft supplies, metal duct tape, to emboss this shiny, organic-y ornament. It's easy to make, and now that I'm finally putting my tree up, I can attest that it looks nice in situ. :-)

...And I'm also happy to report that the dim greyness of burnout is starting to subside. Rest really is best. And I'm not done resting, but I am done being grumpy. Hope your holidays are going wonderfully!


Hope your holiday and down-time was sweet, Diane! LOVE this ornament idea--thank you! I misses seeing this while off-line during the holidays myself. Wishing you all the very best of LOVE, PEACE, JOY & CREATIVITY IN 2013! :o) ((HUGS))

So cool! Enjoy your holidays :)

So mod, Diane - love these! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Thank you, Ann! Merry Christmas!

I hope these are still in you possession because your mother just HAS TO SEE these with her own eyes!!! OMG I love the asymmetrical and playful look of these, the colors you chose for the center accent, the "concho" style tooling design AND the fact that they are made with duct tape!!!

When you and your brother were born, I never thought you would both grow up to be duct tape artists!!! Genius duct tape artists!

It's like there are recessive duct tape genetics in you that got passed to us! :-) I have an extra ornament for you, too!

I love these Diane - definitely finding a home in my Christmas bookmarks.

I'm so happy to hear that you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Take all of the time you need!

LOVE. I swore I wouldn't make any new ornaments for this year but now I've seen these...

Very cool!! Wheels a spinnin' - I need to pick up some of this supply for 2013!! :)

Many Many hugs...

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