Why I'm Ending the CraftyPod Podcast

11 Jan 2013


Seven years ago, I started a podcast on a whim. And that little show grew and changed and changed me along the way. About 150 episodes later, I find myself delivering some bad news. This is the end of the CraftyPod podcast.

I've spent a year trying to fund the show with subscriptions and sponsorship. Sadly, even though there have been thousands of free downloads from iTunes every month, I haven't been able to attract enough paying subscribers to cover my production time. And also sadly, the most of the sponsors who supported the show simply didn't see enough traffic from my listeners to justify sponsoring again.


In other words, we're back to the problem of sustainability that we've talked about over and over on this blog. I really wish things had worked out differently. But I can no longer afford to continue pouring all these hours into something that stubbornly resists its break-even point, let alone any profit.

If you've ever listened to the show – and certainly if you've subscribed, sponsored, visited a sponsor or made a donation – I thank you. Deeply. It's been a great privilege making these podcasts for you. Of course this blog will continue, and I have some intriguing ideas for future projects, so we'll move on from here.


I hope you won't mind, but I need to close comments on this post - something I almost never do. This is a sad moment for me, and I'm just not up to having conversation about it.

But my sadness would be lightened considerably if you'd do something for me. If you feel like commenting or emailing, please take that energy and use it instead to support another podcast, blog, video series, or indie magazine that you love. Look for a donation button and chip in a couple bucks. Visit some sponsor websites. If there are products or subscriptions for sale, buy something!

In other words, find a way that you can meaningfully support something you love right now. It's way too easy to put these things off for "someday." And passively consuming just leads to stuff eventually going away. I want a future where independent producers can make their work sustainable. So let's start building that future together now.