Image-Only Interview: Susannah Conway

23 Jan 2013

This week, we're enjoying some eye-candy from Susannah Conway. And as always, if you want to know more about any of the images she's chosen, just mouse over. Enjoy!

What are you thinking about most in your creative life these days?


What shapes show up again and again in your work?

What does your creative work surface look like right now?

What is one of your favorite things you've ever made?


What is one of your creative goals for 2013?


If you had one creative wish for everyone, what would it be?


Any advice on keeping creativity flowing, even when life gets busy?


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What a beautiful idea! Susannah's photos are always stunning. Thanks for sharing.

GORGEOUS images of Susannah's--very emotive and ethereal! :o)

WOW!! I love this!

Love reading/seeing this interview. Wonderful way to convey the essence of a person. Susannah is such a good pick. Her photos are so evocative. Particularly love the one of her goals. Just realized about the mouse over thing. I rushed right to the photos. Brilliant. thank you.

Loved this!! Huge, huge fan of Susannah.
Thanks for sharing

Beautiful ideas/photos!

Love this concept of the image only interview! Susannah is a wonderful photographer and teacher.

very nice to meet you! ;)