New Google Analytics Online Minicourses, Comin' At Ya!

29 Jan 2013

Analytics Tricks - new minicourse! Analytics Tricks - new minicourse

Analytics Tricks - new minicourse

I've had many requests to do an online class to help craft bloggers use Google Analytics more effectively – and so I'm excited to announce the launch of not one, but three!

…Three minicourses, that is. I'm also experimenting here with a new (for me, anyway) style of online class, where the learning is chunked down into smaller bites – and you can pick and choose your subject matter.

(In a related note, these minicourses are also one week long and only twenty bucks!)

Analytics Tricks: Understanding Your Readers (starts Feb. 4)

Analytics Tricks: Understanding Your Top Content (starts Feb 11)

Analytics Tricks: Understanding Your Traffic Sources (starts Feb 18)

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How are these classes different?
Well, each looks at your blog traffic from a different focal point, and each one gives you several new ways to interpret and use your data.

If you take all three of them, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of your Analytics data and how to use it. But any single minicourse will give you plenty to chew on and apply to your blog. So you can go just as deep as you like. My plan is to make all these classes constantly available once they've launched, so you can sign up for additional minicourses at any time.

The short videos below tell you a little more about the focus of each minicourse, and you can click the links to register.

Register here!

Register here!

Register here!

Holler at me if you have any questions, and I'd love to see you in class!



Oops! Now that I've read the prerequisite, I'll be taking these classes in a few months. :) I'd imagined using the Google Analytics info from my shop, but I'll put it on my blog too and sign up when I have the 3 months of data. :)

Wow... just what I needed! I was hoping you'd offer something like this, Diane. I look forward to taking one. Thank you. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

I'm so happy to have you back in class, Tracy! Always a pleasure to hang out with you!

Awesome! I would love to have you!

Neat! Affordable AND short/focused -- that sounds great and right up my alley. :) I'll definitely be taking at least one of them!