Image-Only Interview: Caterina Maestri

04 Feb 2013

caterinaThis time, we're enjoying some photographic inspiration from Caterina Maestri. You can mouse over some of her images to get a little more insight. Enjoy!

What are you thinking about most in your creative life these days?


What colors show up again and again in your work?


What is one thing you made in 2012 that you especially love?


What is the most organized part of your stash right now?


What is one of your creative goals for 2013?


If you had one creative wish for everyone, what would it be?


Any advice on keeping creativity flowing, even when life gets busy?


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I always enjoy these image only interviews. Thanks Diane and Caterina :)

Wonderful!!! ^.^

I love these colours - just gorgeous :) Can't pick just one photo the colours in each one
are lovely.

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