I Heart Craft Books: History on Two Needles, by Annie Modesitt

06 Feb 2013

I love books like History on Two Needles. First, it's an independently-published product of the mighty Cooperative Press. Second, it's about a subject that might be a little too niche for many mainstream publishers, but is really fascinating.

Annie Modesitt, a renowned knitwear designer, chose a series of art pieces from various periods in history and recreated them as modern garments. It's a dream project for her, and that enthusiasm shows.

In this video, we get a peek at some of the designs, and their historical counterparts, and Annie shares some stories of her design process. Enjoy!

9781937513184_HistoryOnTwoNeedles_cover.inddGet a copy of History on Two Needles here.

Visit Annie online.


What a fun idea! Makes me wish I could knit :)

Such beautiful work she's done. Wow, inspiring! Thanks for the intro to this artist Diane!

As a fledgling knitter, I appreciate the vast history this book will offer. As I have been teaching myself to make socks I ponder who and how brilliant the person who invented this was and how they laugh from knitters heaven as I curse my uneven stitches! Thanks you!