Link Love: Cat Caves, Granny Square Bags, & Weaving With Dog Food Bags

07 Jun 2013

He gets so hilariously beatific when we have sunshine.

"I really can't be bothered with links when the sun is out. I must sunbathe."


So this week, not only am I sharing my favorite links of the week with you, I'm inviting you to share yours! This Link Love project is the brainchild of Tammy from Daisy Yellow, and she's graciously letting me host the fun over here for a couple months.

So, make a little post on your blog, sharing five bloggy links you loved this week.Then, pop to the bottom of this post, and add your link to the linky!

It's nice to share the love, isn't it?


A Cute Granny Square Hobo Bag, on Ponnekeblom

Every time I get too many deadlines going, the first thing I do is start fantasizing about starting a new granny square bag. (Hey, we all have our coping mechanisms!) This one, from the Dutch blog Pokkeneblom, is a cutie, and the construction process is nicely diagrammed. Please stop me from starting this project right now.


No-Sew iPhone Stand, from Wrapped Up In Rainbows

Since I often watch Netflix on my phone while I craft, I love this easy little stand. (Also a good excuse to use up scraps!)


Crocheted Cat Cave, from Eilen Tein

I would never be able to pry Pushkin out of this thing. What a cool shape! The tutorial is in Finnish, easily translated, and it looks like T-shirt yarn is the medium.


Woven Patio Chair, from Katvanlew, on Instructables

Katvanlew had an abundance of sturdy woven plastic dog food bags, and a rusty chair frame. She put them together into this colorful, comfy seat. I love how all the bag graphics play together here! And I'm always up for a good non-traditional weaving project.


Dyeing Fabric with Food Color, from Mashia Crafts

I'm super intrigued by this, but I'm not sure of its archival-ness. These fabrics are dyed in a mix of food colors and vinegar, and heat-set in a dryer. I love the mellowness of the colors! They'd probably sun-fade pretty readily, though, right?

Now it's your turn! Pop your link below!