Hey, look! It's a real book and everything!

03 Jul 2013

Quilting Happiness is almost here!

The UPS guy brought this yesterday… it's real! Quilting Happiness is truly happening, very soon. I can't wait to show you the inside of this baby.

Here, I'll give you one tiny, non-damaging sneak peek:


Don't tell anyone - that's our little secret, okay?

It's an amazing moment, thumbing through an actual copy of the book for the first time. Writing a craft book is basically solving a long, long string of problems – all good problems, mind you, but it's a long road. There are so many moments when you can't imagine it'll ever be finished. And then BOOM. One day it is, and you find yourself saying, "Wow, did we really write this?!?


…And it's interesting to juxtapose that with the start of the new book, which looks like this at the moment. I'm just at the beginning of that long, long string of problems – assembling bags of fabrics and envelopes of patterns, making planning spreadsheets, and sending many, many emails.

Right now, I can't imagine it'll ever be finished. :-)