Link Love: Five Favorite Projects

23 Aug 2013

He showed up in the office, demanding a meeting. #boss

"Geez Mom, you should really pay some of those bills."

The Link Love theme for this week is 5 Favorite Projects. Choosing five all-time faves is quite impossible for me, as I look at a LOT of crafts every week. But these are five I love deeply, and was very inspired by.

If you want to join in the fun, just make a little post on your blog, sharing five of your faves, and then come back to the end of this post and pop your link into the list!

ll0823-Hexistential Hexagon Quilt Michele Made Me 10

Michele Pacey's Hexie Quilt

I love this project for many reasons: it's beautiful, it's the only hexie quilt I've ever seen actually get finished, and it's hand-quilted in addition to being hand-pieced. The link above is to a wrap-up post Michele did, recapping everything she learned from this project. It's a wonderful meditation on creative persistence.

Lovely Alice Bag 6

Alice Merlino's Hex Tote

I love this bag because before it was a crochet-along, it was a gift for me! Alice is a wonderful colorist, and I just adore the brightness and freshness of the motifs. And aren't those granny-stitch handles splendid? That link takes you to a page of videos to help you make your own.


Haley Pierson Cox's EPP Travel Kit

I know, I've shared all of Haley's hexie series here, but I wouldn't do that if it weren't good for you. This little case she designed is a stunner, and super useful for english paper piecing on the go. She even drafted you a free pattern. How can you go wrong?


Jessica Wilson's Potholder Rug

This project was one of the bright spots in my short tenure as editor of CRAFT. I wanted to do a theme of "quirky crafts," where odd things get used in odd ways. And Jessica entered into that challenge magnificently with this awesome rug. Makes me happy every time I look at it.

Vintage Quilt Block Tote

Um… My Recycled Quilt Block Tote

Yeah, I'm gonna sneak one of my own in here. It's one of my favorites because those quilt blocks sat in my stash for years. They were too beat up to sew back into a quilt, but so pretty, I couldn't get rid of them. But then Michele and I got to talking about guest post ideas for her blog, and the planets aligned. I love it when they do that.