Image-Only Interview: Tisha Nagel, of Quilty Therapy

14 Oct 2013

porter and tishaTisha Nagel joins us to share some eye candy this week. As always, you can learn a little more about each of her images below by mousing over it. Enjoy!

What are you thinking about most in your creative life these days?

Cutting squares for new projects


What colors show up again and again in your work?

gray, yellow, white and blue


Show us one tiny detail from your work that you love.

Stitching on a project.


Why is making things important to you?

My family is why I make things.



What is one of your creative goals for 2013?

Making a quilt for myself 

If you had one creative wish for everyone, what would it be?

Take risks but in the end have fun.


Any advice on keeping creativity flowing, even when life gets busy?

Exercise keeps my creativity going.