Happy Holidays!

24 Dec 2013


Blog-reading may not figure prominently into your Christmas plans, so let me wish you either a Merry Christmas or a Retroactive Merry Christmas, depending on when you happen upon this post. :-)

I couldn't resist sharing some of the results of the card-for-zine swap. Wowee! I thought we might hear from five or six people, but over fifty cards poured in from all over the place. Many of them were handmade, or contained cool ephemera, and every single one was beautiful. Many folks wrote personal notes and shared delightful bits of their Christmas with us.

The whole thing was just a huge honor and privilege. THANK YOU to everyone who participated. K and I agree, this has been one of our favorite parts of this Christmas.


I have no clear blogging plans for January - the last month of my book deadline. I'll post very sporadically when there's something to share, but the for most part, I'll be in a pajama-wearing, shower-forgetting, glassy-eyed deadline mode.

...But after that, I'll be doing some dang cool things with this blog, so please bear with me. Happy Holidays, and may 2014 bring you all kinds of wonderful creative opportunities!

Edited to add: This is a little video tour of the holiday land our nephews built with us in Minecraft. Enjoy! (Or, pass it along to anyone in your house aged 7 - 16.)


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