All The Tutorials I Made in 2013.

30 Dec 2013


Normally, I'm not that into year-in-review lists, but 2013 represented a kind of creative rebirth on this blog, and I felt the need to commemorate it.

If you've been around here a while, you may recall that I gave up doing free craft tutorials in 2011. I still believe in my reasons for doing this. Through 2012 I stuck to contract tutorials awesome people paid me to make, but didn't make any free ones.

But ultimately, I realized that I dearly love making how-to's, and they constitute a big part of my joy in blogging. So as 2013 dawned, I decided I would start up again with free how-to's, but with one condition: I would only make the ones I genuinely wanted to make, when I wanted to make them. No pressure to "get traffic" from them, no expectations, just following my own bliss.

The results, you can see up above. I love these twelve projects – a few I was paid for, but most were just for me. I'm especially happy to be finally translating some of my plastic canvas sketchbook into reality!

Links to all these babies are below. Thank you for visiting this year, and I wish you a 2014 filled with creative epiphanies!