Review: Pretty Quilled Cards

25 Mar 2014

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Pretty Quilled Cards: 25+ Creative Designs for Greetings & Celebrations is an excellent example of how to do a book for beginners well. If you (or someone you know) wants to learn quilling, this book will give you a solid foundation in the basics, plus a group of useful projects you'll have no trouble replicating.

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Cecelia Louie is a talented paper designer, and the projects she's come up with here favor a light, airy style of quilling. (Which, for the uninitiated, is a craft of rolling and curling thin strips of paper.) There are cards for all seasons and major holidays here, along with some card-related projects (which I'll get to later).

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The book starts with a basics chapter that's very thorough without being at all intimidating. Cecelia covers the materials you'll need, and shows you how to make a wide variety of coils and scrolls. I love all the clear step photos.

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This is also clearly a book written by someone who's spent a lot of time at this craft, and has evolved lots of excellent tricks for getting crisp, consistent results. My goodness, I love this gluing technique!

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The 25 projects are presented with equal precision. Using this pretty floral design as an example…

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…First, you get this awesome diagram showing exactly how long to cut your quilling papers, how many strips of each length, and what colors to use.

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You also get a series of diagrams clearly showing what coils to make, how to place them, and where to glue them together – alongside text instructions, of course.

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And finally, if the design contains any non-quilled elements (like the border on the floral card), the book has a template you can photocopy and cut out.

…So, like I said, a beginner would have no trouble at all. Cecelia has a great sense of what details to expand on, and her explanations are wonderfully clear.

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This cute jam jar card has templates for its lid and label, and I really like the idea of adding that dimensional look to the flat quilling.

Among the card designs here, you'll find some for birthdays, thank-yous, bridal and baby showers, weddings, housewarmings, get-wells, and condolences.

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There are also a few nice all-occasion cards, like this topiary design.

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…And again, here Cecelia gives you a template, which you photocopy and cut out. Then you quill within that template to form the topiaries to the exact shape and size for the card. That's what I call taking good care of beginners!

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There are also cards for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, and Father's Day. So really, with one book, you are all set for your greeting card needs for a while.

(Love these gingerbread men - the paper pom-poms are an awesome touch.)

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That pompom design and this woven basket also show you how inventive Cecelia is with the form - she really uses those paper strips in as many ways as she can. Love the twirled basket handle here, too.

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Finally, I'll just show you two of the six not-exactly-card projects in the book. Those wine charms are awesome, and I love the colors in this gift tag. There are also place cards, a framed name plaque, an cupcake toppers.

A really high-value book, and a great learning tool.

Disclosures: Lark sent me a review copy, and the title link above is an affiliate link. Just so ya know…



Great review of the wonderful book.

Love this, what fun! One of the most awesome pieces of quilling I ever saw was made from double sided rainbow ombre paper…WOWZA!