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07 Apr 2014

Intentional Printing - jacket art

Intentional Printing by Lynn Krawczyk, Interweave / F+W Media; $26.99

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I'm something of a closet fabric-printer wannabee, so I'm always interested in new fabric printing books. But I won't lie: I always get too intimidated to actually bust out some materials and, you know, print stuff.

Intentional Printing: Simple Techniques for Inspired Fabric Art is a nice antidote for this kind of intimidation. Lynn Krawczyk, a longtime surface design artist, understands that it's one thing to make marks on fabric, and quite another to create fabrics from your own artistic vision. She's done a wonderful job here of combining technique instruction with thoughts on individual creativity.

Intentional Printing-2

There's a great first chapter about developing your voice as a maker. Lynn talks about common habits that block creativity and the dance that exists between serendipitous inspiration and making conscious choices as you develop a piece of work. She has some excellent, theory-free advice on color and also talks about paying attention to the imagery that shows up often in your work. it's all a foundation for using the printing techniques in the book to their fullest advantage.

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There's a thorough chapter on tools and materials, which covers fabric choices, some helpful basics about types of paint, and tips on setting up a work area for printing. This "Paint Diary" idea, in which Lynn keeps track of the properties of the paints she uses, is worth the price of the book alone.

Intentional Printing-12

I really like Lynn's choices of printing techniques; they're all quite simple and don't require a lot of expense to get started. You can learn color-wash printing, fluid printing, stamping, decay printing, drop-cloth printing, Thermofax screen printing, and shadow printing.

Intentional Printing-4

I got very enamored with this drawing-on-fabric technique. And here, you can also see how each technique is presented with both text and step-by-step photos.

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Here's a decay printing how-to that uses foam pool noodles. Lynn encourages you to make your own printing tools from common stuff like this.

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Once you've learned the basic techniques, there's a fun chapter on mixing and matching them on the same piece of fabric for all kinds of cool effects.

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There's also a section on hand-stitching (yaaaaaaaaay!!), in which Lynn demonstrates three easy stitches to try and shows how to incorporate them with printed fabrics. I absolutely love the look of hand stitching against the loose, handmade look of the printed fabrics.

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I really like the treatment of projects in this book – there are ten of them, designed to give a simple showcase to hand-printed fabrics and hand sewing. These bean bags are designed as desk weights, but I think they'd also make dandy sachets.

Intentional Printing-10

Here's a fabric-covered box design that's easy to do and would work as beautifully for gift wrap as storage. Each project comes with step-by-step instructions and a few process photos.

Intentional Printing-11

For obvious reasons, I adore this scarf!

Intentional Printing-13 Intentional Printing-14

One last interesting thing to show you: Lynn also invited five other textile artists who work from a strong creative vision to share a piece of their work in the book and comment on their processes. Their stories are sprinkled throughout the book.

So all in all, a really accessible primer on fabric printing, with the bonus of helping you clarify your unique style. A great book to keep on hand for when you need an inspiration refresh.

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The book looks great!!

Impressive experimentation! I don't work with these materials but I can see how much it would benefit someone to see some first steps to take. What are you waiting for Diane? Just do it!

You're absolutely right, Cecelia - I just need to put a date in the dang calendar and do it!

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oohh - I will have to look for this one. Looks like some fun techniques to play with.

This look fantastic. I was a spoonflower member when it first launched but never had the courage to actually create a pattern and print something officially, but this would be like dipping my toes into the process of print creation before really going for it, I think I would actually like this more, more forgiving. Great review.

Looks a fabulous book - it;s now at the top of my amazon wishlist!!

This book looks wonderfully fun! I love to play with color on fabric, but rely mostly on sreendipity.

You did a wonderful job making the box accessible. I like your style of showing and then giving your take. thank you

Great review! The first chapter sounds really intriguing!

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