Review: At Home With Modern June

12 Apr 2014

At Home With Modern June

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At Home with Modern June: 27 Sewing Projects for Your Handmade Lifestyle has an interesting story behind it. On a stormy night in 2011, Kelly McCants was watching TV with her family when an old oak tree in her back yard blew down, causing a lot of damage to her home.

In the long process of repairs and renovation, Kelly found herself sewing all kinds of new things for the house. And by the end, she realized she had a whole book's worth of home-decorating projects!

Some of you may be familiar with Kelly from her oilcloth and laminated cottons business. Her style is instantly recognizable – so colorful and vintage-inspired. She talks a bit about her visual sensibility in the book, and I love her ideas: don't worry about matching or coordinating anything. Only buy and make things you truly love, and they'll all work together harmoniously.

At Home With Modern June

There are plenty of oilcloth and laminated cotton projects here (like these cool reversable floor mats), but there are also plenty of projects for regular quilting cottons. There's also a nice range of complexity, from simple (even no-sew) things like this to more complex projects like I'll share coming up.

The book starts with a Basics chapter that's written in Kelly's friendly, conversational style, and it covers lots of detail, including a glossary of terms, tools and materials, sewing tips and tricks, and very thorough coverage of using bias tape (it's in a lot of the projects). I see this as a very beginner-friendly book for anyone who can thread their machine and sew a straight seam.

At Home With Modern June

The projects are organized by room, which is an idea I really love. In the Kitchen and Dining Room chapter, you'll find place mats, pot holders, bar stool covers, and this adorable apron, which employs a gingham embroidery technique Kelly's grandmother used.

At Home With Modern June

This shot encompasses projects from the Living Room chapter: panel drapes, pillows, and those nesting upholstered benches. And it brings up another thing I like about this book: it involves skills other than sewing. Basic upholstery skills can lead you to all kinds of wonderful home projects.

At Home With Modern June

I'm in love with this oilcloth potting bench cover. (And, I have potting bench envy.) There's also a pretty outdoor tablecloth and the cute bunting you saw in the "Design Credo" photo above – perfect for your summertime "outdoor living room."

At Home With Modern June

In the Bed and Bath chapter, there's this beautiful laminated cotton shower curtain, plus guest towels and an ingenoius oilcloth makeup tray, along with bed covers and pillows and even a Roman shade.

At Home With Modern June

It's so nice to see such variety presented in such a cohesive way. To be honest, I do tend to see a lot of the same projects crop up in home-sewing books, so I was happy to find so many things in At Home with Modern June that I haven't seen elsewhere.

(Love this cheery little quilt!)

At Home With Modern June

I really applaud the styling here, too. It's beautiful and lifestyle-y, but without prioritizing that over instructional quality. Kelly's done a wonderful job documenting each of these projects…

At Home With Modern June

…And there are plenty of clear process diagrams alongside the text.

At Home With Modern June  At Home With Modern June

Okay – three last things from my favorite chapter, Creative Space. This sewing caddy also represents one of the more complex projects in the book. That's an awesome array of pockets! And at right is a Mood Board bedecked in ribbon. (Also, I have mood board envy.)

At Home With Modern June

…And this pressing table, which I need immediately. Needless to say, I have a world-class case of sewing room envy.

I think this book is a fabulous housewarming gift for a creative friend, or a great jumping-off point for anyone looking to spruce up their home. Every project is truly useful, and Kelly does a splendid job of encouraging you along the way. You can do a lot of space-transforming with this book!

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