Link Love: 5 Tutorials I Want to Try

25 Apr 2014


"You and I both know it's Meal Time."

This month's, Link Love theme is 5 tutorials I want to try. These are projects on my Crafty Wish List that I will get to someday. That is, if I can ever stop taking on new projects. Ahem.

As always, Link Love is a community sport. You're invited to post your 5 someday tutorials on your blog, and share the post link in the linky below!


Image by Sonia Maria

Crochet on Plastic Canvas, by Sonia Maria

This talented Portuguese blogger has come up with a fascinating technique for crocheting right on plastic canvas, creating a ruffly surface that's also rigid. Follow the link to see two projects she designed. My mind explodes with possibilities!

Video by Sherri Lynn Wood

Scrap Doodling, by Sherri Lynn Wood

One thing's true about my crafting style: it's orderly. I know it would be good for me to embrace more unstructured projects, and Sherri Lynn's videos are always so beautiful and encouraging; I could watch these all day. I can't wait for her forthcoming book!

Thai String Dolls, by Heidi Boyd

Image by Heidi Boyd

I love these little guys! Heidi's tutorial is a take on a traditional Thai craft, which she's simplified a bit. These figures are wrapped on chenille, so they're bendable. And all that wrapped yarn can easily be embroidered, appliqued, or felted on!

Crochet Hexagon Blanket, by Lisa Clarke

Image by Lisa Clarke

Mark my words, someday I'm going to make a blanket like this! Lisa has a whole series of tutorials covering every little bit of the process, and they're so helpful – and helpfully arranged on this single page of her blog. You might also like her post on how to tackle a big blanket project.

Necktie Dresdens, from Just Give Me a Needle

Image from Just Give Me a Needle

Necktie crafting is still close to my heart (although I have finally trained myself to stop buying ties every time I hit the thrift stores). I'd love to make a quilt or smaller project using this kind of Dresden form, and I like the method at this linked blog.



Wow, that crochet on PC is mindblowing. So clever. How the heck did you find that? Love that crochet blanket as hexies still rule, and I have a soft spot in my heart for neckties as well.

I like the necktie and those string dolls would be a cool kids' project. There's no way I could narrow down to 5 tutorials, though!

Heh! Agreed! I just decided to choose five that appeal to me in the moment - there are DEFINITELY many more.

Crochet on PC ?! Are you kidding? That is beyond the beyond. Don't you love that? I also love the idea of scrap doodling. I have a ton of little bits, and I love doodling.
It's so good to be at your site. It's the bomb!

I love the string animals, too! Once upon a time I was going to make a vest out of ties. Thanks for hosting the Link Love

Just catching up on some reading and saw you linked to my hex blanket - thanks! My 14yo still uses it every day more than a year later :-)