Some More Recent T-Shirt Quilt Stories

11 Jul 2014


Happy Friday! I just wanted to share a few more things I've been making in prep for the CreativeLIVE t-shirt quilting class. Man, these quilts are so much fun to do.


This first one's for my class producer, Justin. He sent me a bunch of shirts representing his favorite causes, coffee roasters, bike races, and breweries. Plus one tie-dye shirt, which is my new favorite thing. I used every square inch of that baby I could.

What's really cool is that, although Justin and I haven't worked together very long, and mostly via email. through the process of making this quilt for him, I feel like I got to know him a little better. Those are the shirts of a dude I can really hang with.


This one uses shirts from Antonio and Sophia, a brother and sister my Mom has "adopted" along with their parents. This quilt was a fun challenge because the shirts were so diverse. Getting them all to hang together in one quilt took a lot of re-arranging, staring at, ruminating, re-arranging, muttering under my breath, and re-arranging. But I'm happy with how it came together in the end!

Pushkin also got his own t-shirt quilt, which he took advantage of immediately. I used up all the leftover scraps I had in his colorway. :-)

If you'd like a reminder of when this free class broadcasts, you can RSVP right over here.

And actually, they're taking applications to be in the studio audience! It's free and all you need to bring is your t-shirts. And then we can hang out in the green room together. Just fill out this form to get a shot at the live internet big-time.



Oh how I wish i could be there live!!! However, I have the next best seat in the house!!! Being Mother!!! Seriously, when i saw Justin's shirt collection, I was pretty sure there was no way they would come together! And then like magic using your awesome technique it happened!

The quilt for Sophia and Antonio - amazing! Such a diverse collection of this and that and yet when all the bits are assembled into a quilt - I see them both and the lives they lead!! Awesome!!!

I have already reserved my seat via the internet and can not wait!!!

Very familiar with the muttering under breath method of working. I love that Sophia has a colorway. She totally does, where on earth did you find a mauve kitty?

Heh! Incandescent lighting and competing iPhoto filters are somewhat to blame. :-)

Wow. Too damn cute.
I think I already signed up for this class. For the August one. I just hope I have my act together by then. I know I have enough teeshirts!!