I'm In a Video, a Blog Post, and a Podcast

04 Aug 2014

Just raising my head for a moment to share three things you might enjoy…

First, this cute video the folks at CreativeLIVE made to promote my upcoming t-shirt quilting class. In it, I offer my five most beginner-friendly tips for embarking on quilt-making. If that craft has ever made you feel intimidated, watch this video, OK?

My 5 Favorite Books for Beginning Quilters

I also told the CreativeLIVE blog about my five favorite books for beginning quilters. You can learn more about those over here.

My class is coming right up, so I hope you'll consider RSVP-ing so they can remind you when the free broadcast happens.

I'm on the While She Naps Podcast

…And lastly, I was a guest on the While She Naps Podcast, hosted by Abby Glassenberg. Haley Pierson-Cox and I talked about what it's like to be a freelance crafter, and shared our current favorite cratfy things.

Enjoy! (And RSVP, please!)



Love the five tips video, Diane - sending it right over to my friend who is exactly that person: beginner with a thousand hoarded t shirts and fear of quilting. Hope you and mom are doing okay. Hang in there, dearie!

I love this video. Not only are the tips perfect, but you are just completely charming. I kinda want to come over to your house and quilt together for hours and hours.

Loved your video, Diane! You look so comfortable on camera! Can't wait to take your class in just a few weeks! Sending lots of big hugs!

Thanks for this! I just discovered your blog, and I've been thinking about quilting lately because I just got married and a group of my friends gave us as a gift a T-shirt quilt. It's pretty small because there were eight people in on it and each contributed one square. The point of the small size, they explained, was to leave room for us to add new squares to it as we go forth into the world and meet "other cool people" who are happy to sacrifice their old T-shirts. So this means I need to start learning how to quilt.... or sew, period ;) What do you think of hand-sewing quilts, is that just insane to think of as someone with no experience? I'm not ready yet to invest in a sewing machine...

Hi, Kate - congratulations to you both!

I'm a huge fan of hand-sewing. But I will say that hand-sewing on t-shirt fabric that's been stabilized for quilt-making... that's a little bit of a tough go. In order to make a t-shirt quilt, you have to fuse some interfacing to the backs of the shirts, and this adds quite a bit of thickness and body to the fabric. To pass a needle in and out of that, making stitches that are small enough for durability, could be pretty hard on the hands, not to mention, take a really long time.

I couldn't tell from your blog if you're in PDX, but it looks like you might be. If so, Modern Domestic on NE Alberta has a sewing room, where you can rent their machines by the hour for a very reasonable rate. They also have amazing beginning sewing classes. And lots of cities have these sewing spaces now, so it's worth checking if you aren't in PDX.

With regular woven fabrics, hand-sewing patchwork is a dreamy thing!