Things to Watch While Stitching, Volume 2

07 Sep 2014


I've been stitching up a storm lately – there are no fewer than five EPP projects in progress around here right now. So what better time to share some more good stuff to watch while you stitch?

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Star Trek Continues

I have a deep and unreasonable love for this web series, which is a fan-made homage Star Trek's original series. Before you scoff, you should know that these fans are also talented industry professionals, completely dedicated to honoring the legacy.

The work they've done with lighting and costuming alone is worth a look. And it takes no time at all to get used to seeing different actors in the iconic roles. The've written original scripts that play brilliantly off episodes from the original series. If you're any kind of Trek fan, do not miss this. There are three episodes in this playlist.

Kid President

This video has been around, so if you've seen it, you can check out a whole playlist of other awesome videos with this amazing kid.

I watch Kid President every time I need a dose of positivity. His real name is Robby, and he makes videos with filmmaker Bran Montague. Their mission: to change the world by spreading hope and love, and to make being a grown-up less boring. I ratify this mission wholeheartedly.

Their whole story is here. I dare you not to be cheered up watching this stuff – it's simple laws of physics.

Black Forest Cake

When do we not need a dose of crafty stop-motion? This film was Madrid student Maron Ber's graduation project for her Textile Arts degree. You'll see knitting, crochet, and pom-poms in action, and it's 100% charming. And now I want some cake.

The Night Rail Before Christmas

Okay admittedly, if you don't know anything about Minecraft, this video won't impress you that much. If you play Minecraft or have kids who do, then this thing will blow your freaking mind. It's a ride through the most incredible game environment I've ever seen. I can't imagine how long it took these kids to build all this.

(Also, it's a wee dose of Halloween, and aren't we all pretty much ready to go there now?)

Happy Watching and Stitching, my friends! (You may notice that this little series has its own category link now, so you can refer back to older collections.)


Brice and I are both Next Generation fans, although i've watched all versions of it since I was a little kid myself. He and I watch Next Gen in the craft room in the evenings while I work. He makes me wait for him, so it's been slow progress getting through them all on Netflix. As for the Minecraft video, that is pretty amazing. Ryder just got the new update this weekend and telling me all about it. I haven't updated Minecraft in a long time and he was saying I really needed to, but i'm afraid to get sucked in to it again. Nothing gets done when Minecraft is installed on my computer. :)

Thanks for the great viewing rec's, Diane! I watched the part of the first episode of Star Trek Continues when it first came out, but never got back to it. Now I'm excited to rewatch it and continue with the others very soon! Looking forward to a crafty evening watching Trek!

Well that minecraft video was completely incredible!! Thanks for sharing!

I LOVE Kid President!

I agree that it's impossible to watch any of his videos without feeling inspired and happy!