Things to Watch While Stitching, Volume 3

29 Sep 2014


Once again, I'm working on a whole bunch of hand-stitched projects at once, and that means logging some hours in front of the iPad. Here are some awesome things I've been watching. As always, if you're an email subscriber, I hope you'll click through to the post so you can see these video embeds.

(Mr. Darcy, incidentally, is only here for the eye-candy.)

The Verse: a Firefly Fan Film

In the last roundup, I shared my favorite Star Trek fan adaptation, and my friend Arielle emailed me a link to this film. It's made by a group of fans of Firefly (which, if you haven't seen it, get thee to Netflix and binge-watch the whole thing. I'll wait here.)

I'm so impressed with this production – amazing costume and set design, lighting design, and a really good script. Even though the characters are amalgams of those in the original series, the whole thing feels completely at home in the Firefly world. Thank you, Arielle!

Isabel Allende on TED: How to Live Passionately No Matter Your Age

I love this TED talk dearly. Author Isabel Allende speaks honestly about what aging means to her – the fears it raises, and also the freedoms. I'm a lady who's inching into middle age and nowhere near ready for it, so her words spoke directly to my heart.

(Fair warning: there are a few slightly adult references in here. Including a perfectly hilarious one about Antonio Banderas.)

Crash Course: Literature

You're very likely already familiar with John Green, author of The Fault In Our Stars. Well, he and his brother Hank have a wonderful YouTube channel called Crash Course, where they present fast-paced, visually engaging lessons in a great many subjects. But John's videos on literature are especially worth watching.

The video above is one sample. Visit this playlist and see him dig into The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, and more. I love John's analyses, and the beautiful, passionate way he speaks about writing and reading.



There's a whole freaking playlist. Watch all of them and your whole life will get better. I know. It happened to me.


omg how can you DO that? Post a photo of Colin Firth WITHOUT a list of his movies? (and btw, if you want me to read the whole post, you might want to insert the photo of Colin Firth LAST!!) OK, I came to the rescue, here is a list of some of Colin's best movies:

Hey I watched Isabel and John, thanks, they were GREAT!! (that Komaneko cat was pretty hilarious too!)

Best intro shot ever? Ha!

What a great list!