I'm All Over Your Newsstand, Baby!

24 Oct 2014


I could also title this post "What I Was Working On During the First Half of This Year, When I Was Too Busy to Blog."

recent-mags5 Anyway… lately I've had the great fun of seeing a bunch of my magazine projects published, and I thought I'd share.

First up, the Fall 2014 issue of Stitch, where I have two projects. Up above there, the Hexie Border Blanket, which is a fun customization for a standard IKEA throw.


In the same issue, these Cozy Bandwidth Placemats, which offer a fun opportunity to play with random piecing. (Don't you love the styling here? That twisty red dish is the coolest thing.)


recent-mags1 Next up, I had so much fun making this Lava Lamp Pillow for Threads' special issue, Quick Stuff to Quilt. This is EPP, using some beautiful Art Gallery fabrics, including The new Emmy Grace line.


recent-mags3 …And finally, yippee for Christmas projects! I did this Starry Night Table Runner for the Stitch Modern Holidays issue. It's also EPP, which makes all those angle seams a breeze.

(And again with the awesome styling!)

I've seen all three of these at my local Jo-Ann recently, so if you run across them, do take a browse! There are beautiful ideas from lots of talented designers in all three.


Congratulations, Diane! All of your projects are soooo unique, colorful, creative, and amazing! So glad they are published so more folks can get to know you and your talents!! I was just at Barnes and Noble yesterday and saw the Modern Holidays mag, but didn't pick it up- now I wish I did! It is on my list now for next time... :) As are the other two! And I agree with you, the styling of your projects is fantastic! That must be a wonderful surprise for you to see your work taken care of so well- hurray! Happy Creating!! :)

Aw, thank you so much, Kathi! You've sent me into the weekend with a great big smile on my face!

Your work looks great. Congrats!

congratulations on having so many patterns published, will look out for these magazines, I am sure we do not get Stitch as we have one of that title done by the Embroideres Guild here and have never seen an American one.

Huge congratulations, Diane! So excited and happy for you! What fun projects! Thanks for letting us know where to find some more of your awesome work!


The Lava Lamp pillow reminded me of martini shakers. Just FIY, ;)


I love that lava lamp pillow!

WOW, that's a lot of great stuff!! I almost bought the Holiday issue but I got distracted by a home dec magazine instead. I'll grab it up ASAP now that your sweet project is inside!! xoxox!!