Magnifying Glasses

Image by Philip Chapman-Bel, via Flickr

I hope you won't mind one more book-writing post. While it's fresh in my mind, I want to expand on something I said in the previous post:

Miss A Writes a Song

Image by Denise Krebs, via Flickr

Let's talk turkey about what you can and cannot get from a book deal.

Grandmother's Cutting Garden Quilt

If you love the idea of making a hexie quilt, but not the idea of stitching a thousand hexies together, this is the quilt for you.

Reversible Color Crochet Review

I'm really excited to see this book come out at last. I met Laurinda Reddig in person a couple years ago, and I could tell then that she'd what I'd call "the real deal" – a crafter who possesses deep technical skill, but also thinks in very original ways.

Things to Watch While Stitching

Honstely, I've been in a bit of a funk lately. So this volume of Things to Watch While Stitching is all about the funk-busting. Bust, you lousy funk. BUST!