What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up

Sooner or later, every hand-sewist ends up getting an unexpected knot in their thread. This doesn't mean you're any kind of a bad sewist! It's just simple physics at work.

Flower POW Mug Rug: an EPP Pattern

So, today I finally get to announce something I've been working on behind-the-scenes since January. I've opened a little pattern store for English paper piecing patterns!

Basic Black Review

I suppose at this point I could be called a Sato Watanabe fangirl, having reviewed two other books of hers here.

Halloween Tutorials

I am more than happy to see this summer come to an end, and celebrating all things autumnal. So here, just for fun, is a little roundup of some Halloween projects I've done in my deep, murky past – hopefully some of them are new-to-you!