My T-Shirt Quilting Class

I'm glad to see you! Your class worksheet is below, and I'll even throw in a free excerpt of my recent book, Quilting Happiness. Just click the images below to grab 'em. (Depending on your computer, the files may save to a Documents or Downloads folder, or they might display on your screen.)

  Free Excerpt of Quilting Happiness

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Just raising my head for a moment to share three things you might enjoy…

(I'm posting this to both my blog and my Mom's.)

Life is woven from both beauty and tragedy. Two weeks back, tragedy struck my family when Mom's husband of 25 years passed away suddenly from a heart attack. We both loved him dearly, as did so many people. He had one of those twinkling spirits that always made people brighten around him.


Woo-Hoo! Today kicks off something I've been looking forward to for a long time: the 12 Hexies (or Less) Blog Hop.


So, I think about needlepoint a lot, because I think about plastic canvas a lot. Sadly, there don't seem to be very many current needlepoint books on the market that work with my design sensibilities, so I maintain a stash of carefully-guarded old books.

Currants - they're so dang cute! #orencofarmersmarket

I just have a couple recent cool-things to share today – alongside this photo of adorable currants from the farmer's market.