About the CraftyPod Podcast

CraftyPod 2.0 is a bi-weekly podcast for creative people. Since 2005, it's been serving up 30-minute doses of learning, inspiration and great big ideas.

Originally, the show was just me talking about various crafts I liked. But then I started looking around and seeing all these crafters, doing really interesting things. I invited some of them to do interviews with me, and that's become the format of the show. Who doesn't love a great conversation?

If I were writing traditional marketing copy here, I'd say something like "Hey!! CraftyPod features interviews with the hottest movers and shakers of the craft world!"


Only, I don't really do that. The movers and shakers are extremely nice people, and every now and again, I do have one of them as a guest. But normally, I specialize in introducing you to people you may not have heard of, but who have fascinating ideas or great stories to tell. I promise, by the time the show's over, you'll be eagerly checking out their links.

"I typically listen to the show when I'm working on a project because listening to other creatives that I can relate to, makes the process sweeter. You have no idea how many times I laugh out loud or just nod my head in agreement over something I'm hearing. All of Diane's interviews are so thought provoking and entertaining. They make my wheels turn." - Patricia Zapata, A Little Hut


We talk about a wide range of subjects in these podcasts. Crafting is always at the heart of it, but the conversations on CraftyPod are sometimes about running a small craft business, or sometimes about how the internet affects crafting and crafters. We've talked about having a creative mission, using social media to tell your story, and teaching your craft professionally. And sometimes, we just settle in to hear the tale of a crafter who's taken on an incredible project and what happened as a result. Think "This American Life + Crafts." It's kind of like that.

"Everything I have listened to here has been thought-provoking and educational. If colleges start offering masters degrees in crafts, Diane would be the sought-after professor and syllabus-maker." - Heidi Hengel, Speckless

CraftyPod is what I'd call a "produced podcast." I edit each show down to its essentials, and I strive to get the best sound quality possible. I want every word you hear to be meaningful and inspiring. I want every show to bring you some great nugget you can use in your creative work, whether you craft for a living or a hobby. If listening to CraftyPod helps you think about what you make in new ways, that makes me so happy I dance in my chair.

"Even though I love the work I do, sitting alone in my studio can be isolating and boring at times. Listening to Diane's podcasts helps me remember that I am a part of the larger craft community. I like that Diane features both the "bigger picture" why we do what we do converstations, as well as the nitty-gritty, how do we actually get our work done." – Katie Startzman, Duo Fiberworks

Are you ready to check out the show? Awesome! The best place to start is over here. I offer some sponsored shows that are free for their first 30 days, and I have a selection of older shows you can check out for free as well. If you already love the show, you can subscribe and get two new ad-free episodes per month, plus access to a giant catalog of over 100 older episodes.

Craft On, Everybody!