Reversible Color Crochet Review

I'm really excited to see this book come out at last. I met Laurinda Reddig in person a couple years ago, and I could tell then that she'd what I'd call "the real deal" – a crafter who possesses deep technical skill, but also thinks in very original ways.

Things to Watch While Stitching

Honstely, I've been in a bit of a funk lately. So this volume of Things to Watch While Stitching is all about the funk-busting. Bust, you lousy funk. BUST!


I could also title this post "What I Was Working On During the First Half of This Year, When I Was Too Busy to Blog."

Hexie Sewing Set English Paper Piecing Pattern

If you're always starting hexie projects and abandoning them, these quick and useful items are perfect for you!

Today, I'll share a nice time-saving method for basting hexagons. You start with fabric squares that you've cut with your ruler and rotary cutter, and then you baste those squares right to your hexie templates.

This method is useful for projects where you need to make a whole lot of patches – and you can use it with really any shape, not just hexies.