Become a CraftyPod 2.0 Sponsor!

CraftyPod 2.0 is a bi-weekly podcast about making stuff. It's been in production since 2005, and in that time has had over 1,000,000 downloads. My listeners are crafters, artists and small business-owners. These creative, thoughtful people love having access to free podcasts, and will love you for providing it. (If you'd like more background on the show, read this.)

How Sponsorship Works

When you sponsor a new CraftyPod episode, it's made available on and iTunes for free for a 30-day period. I'll add a sponsor message of up to 30 seconds at the start or middle of the show. (We can write it together, or you can provide it – either way.)

Your logo, link and a description of your product or services will also appear in the episode's show notes on for that 30-day period, and I'll mention you in my social media marketing of the show.

If you take advantage of the premium sponsorship package, then you'll also get your clickable ad placed near the top of the sidebar for the same 30-day period.

Which episode is best for your sponsor message?

I do interviews with a wide variety of crafters, small-business owners and bloggers. Let's work together to choose a show that aligns well with what you do. Contact me to find out what shows I have in development now, or you can choose a show from the CraftyPod 2.0 archives.

Any listeners who choose to download the free episode you sponsor will retain your sponsor message in their download permanently.

How much traffic will you get?

Contact me for details on the show's current traffic numbers and sponsorship rates! I look forward to talking with you.