Making a Great Blog: The Ebook!

So many blogging books (and websites) tell you only the nuts-and-bolts parts of starting a blog: setting one up. Adding photos. Making links.

And while this is important information, I think that the most important parts of blogging get left out:

  • How to build an interesting and valuable blog.
  • How to create great blog posts and great photographs.
  • How to keep your blogging inspiration flowing over time.
  • The do's and don'ts of blogger etiquette.

So those are the subjects I wrote about in Making a Great Blog: A Guide For Creative People. It's designed for beginning bloggers, and for more experienced bloggers who need to get re-inspired. And most importantly, it's written specifically for art and craft bloggers.

Here's what the book covers:


Table of Contents

Intro: What this guide is about
Chapter 1: So you want to start a great craft blog

  • Analyzing other blogs
  • Finding your blogging subjects
  • Setting your blogging goals
  • Deciding on your time commitment

Chapter 2: It’s all about content, Baby!

  • Making the big shift in blog-thinking
  • Posting Frequency
  • Post Length
  • Writing style
  • What do I write about?
  • Tools for fighting blogfade

Chapter 3: Eye Candy: The visual side of blogging

  • Exploring your photography options
  • Get to know photo editing
  • Designing your header
  • Buttons, bells, whistles

Chapter 4: Blogger Ettiquette: Mind your manners

  • How personal should I get?
  • What if someone comments?
  • Can I be snarky?
  • Can I blog about things I see on other blogs?
  • Can I use photos from other blogs?
  • Can I take a blogging break?

Wrapping it up


Making a Great Blog is 49 pages, formatted so that it's easy to read on your computer screen. It also contains eight worksheets to help you with the research and thinking you'll need to do as you're building your blog.

I've added these worksheets as a separate PDF document (which comes free with your ebook), so you can print them easily without having to print the whole ebook.

In addition, I've compiled a directory of links to all that other nuts-and-bolts information online and in books.

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