Weaving Un-Loomed: The Ebook

I love to weave, but looms seem much too expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. So I developed Weaving Un-Loomed, an ebook about ways to weave without using a loom. it includes step-by-step photos and instructions for five pretty and useful projects:


Twill Tape Placemats: Weaving several colors of lovely cotton twill tape together, you can create all kinds of patterns.

Magazine Page Jewelry: Recycle pages from your old magazines into this cool woven pendant and bracelet.

Woven Applique: Use a variation on embroidery to weave shapes or letters right onto your favorite jacket or sweater.

Cardboard Loomed Cushion: Take a piece of humble cardboard, cut a few slits in it, and you have a perfect tool for weaving this pretty sofa cushion.

Burlap & Ribbon Tote: Learn a trick for weaving ribbons right into a piece of dyed burlap, and then whip up this adorable tote.


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Weaving Un-Loomed comes with:

  • Five projects with full-color step-by-step instructions
  • Five printer-friendly instruction sheets
  • Care instructions for each finished piece
  • Hints and tips for getting the best possible results
  • "Secrets of Weaving" chapter, which explains how to weave with just about any material, how to create woven patterns with color, and how to incorporate texture into weaving
  • Resources page of good loom-free weaving books and websites


And, download a free Weaving Unloomed project now!
Woven Wall Art Tutorial

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